Who We Are

The NDSLIC focuses on preventing acts of terrorism, taking an all-crimes, all-hazard approach. We are a centralized resource that gathers, analyzes and disseminates all-hazards information to private sector, local, state, tribal, and federal stakeholders throughout North Dakota and the United States.

The NDSLIC serves as the state's fusion center, a multidiscipline, multi-agency network of professionals from private sector, local, state, tribal and federal partners conducting analysis and sharing information to prevent, protect and respond to crimes and potential or actual acts of terrorism.  The NDSLIC is one component of the national network of fusion centers, which are an integral part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's strategic initiative for information sharing.

The NDSLIC, re-authorized by Governor Jack Dalrymple on March 25, 2014, in Executive Order 2014-06, is set up to help the efforts of the United States government to establish a national network of Fusion Centers, which will serve as the “central hub” of North Dakota’s fusion process and serve as the primary interface between North Dakota and the Federal Government for information gathering, analysis and dissemination. The NDSLIC Executive Board, set by Executive Order 2007-06, is comprised of the Adjutant General of the North Dakota National Guard, the Director of the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, the Colonel of the North Dakota Highway Patrol, Director of the North Dakota Division of Homeland Security, and the North Dakota Information Technology Department Chief Information Officer. The NDSLIC Executive Board has the primary responsibility for the overall operation of the NDSLIC including, but not limited to, its information systems, personnel, and operations.


The NDSLIC is an expanding team of law enforcement officers & officials, analysts, critical infrastructure specialists, and partners from federal, state, and local agencies. Currently the NDSLIC is comprised of staff from the following agencies:

  • North Dakota Department of Emergency Services
  • North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation
  • North Dakota Highway Patrol
  • North Dakota National Guard
  • North Dakota Information Technology Department
  • United States Department of Homeland Security