“The Site Assistance Visit (SAV) methodology is designed to facilitate vulnerability identification and mitigation discussions between the NDSLIC and public/private critical infrastructure entities. The SAV is an information-gathering visit. The visit is non-regulatory and is not an inspection. There is no pass-fail grade, and the final report detailing findings from the visit will not be sent to other agencies.”

SAV Process

Depending upon the size and complexity of a facility, an NDSLIC team of 1-3 personnel conducts the SAV. In addition, a varying number of Federal, State, and local officials from emergency management services, and/or law enforcement agencies may be in attendance. Visits typically take 2-3 hours, depending on the size and complexity of the facility. NDSLIC Critical Infrastructure Program personnel provide assistance and options for consideration tailored to each facility. 

  • A site-specific report of facility background data and options for consideration is created and provided to the stakeholder(s).
  • Site assistance visits are offered free of charge to all critical infrastructure owners and operators.  
  • SAV reports are protected documents and not subject to open records requests, per North Dakota Century Code.