The Information Liaison Officer Program (ILO) enhances communications, gathers and/or shares intelligence information between all state, local and federal law enforcement agencies. Gathering and sharing of intelligence information is a key to helping protect citizens and the State of North Dakota and the nation as a whole. By developing and implementing the Information Liaison Officer (ILO) program, it will allow state and local law enforcement agencies to participate in the intelligence gathering and sharing process with the North Dakota State and Local Intelligence Center (NDSLIC) and to increase the flow of information and provide better security to the State of North Dakota.


The NDSLIC is designed to be a central point to gather and disseminate intelligence information, involving all crimes, suspicious activity reporting relating to domestic and international terrorism, critical infrastructure protection, border issues, cyber and narcotics. To achieve this goal, the ability to provide timely credible intelligence information depends on an effective communication and ILO network that will allow all agencies in North Dakota the ability to take an active part in the prevention of criminal activities and terrorism, in both the international and domestic realms. This communication network will also aid in the apprehension of these individuals. The ILO Program offers the opportunity to identify one or more points of contact within agencies to act as a conduit for information flow to and from the NDSLIC.


Responsibilities of the ILO:

  • ILO will be the point of contact between NDSLIC, ILO's organization and region to help gather, report, retrieve, and share criminal and terrorism related intelligence and information

  • Keep NDSLIC apprised of significant criminal activity and suspicious activities

  • Notify NDSLIC on crucial events or situations in their jurisdiction

  • Coordinate intelligence/ information sharing

  • Offer new ideas relating to information sharing

  • Be the contact person for community and private sector relationships

  • Obtain or prepare official contact lists for their jurisdiction

  • The ILO will conform to existing policies, laws, and procedures regarding privacy as set forth in their parent agency and the NDSLIC